Saturday, December 1, 2018


MID-LAND REALTORS is striving to be your primary source for REAL ESTATE information in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. However, a lot of what will be posted here will apply throughout the United States.

We are also aware that what you need will be different depending on where you are in the process – buying, selling, renting, up-sizing, downsizing, landlord or property management. With that being said, we want to talk about Winter Home Safety.

Now that we have hit the cooler to colder temps and you find yourself staying home longer each night, I would like to talk about some home safety tips. This is not in order of importance or all-inclusive by any means. It is meant to get you thinking of things to look at. 

  • Look at are your fire, smoke, carbon dioxide detectors. Make sure they all have batteries! Then change then at least annually, preferably change them when the time changes. It is a small price to pay for a vital piece of safety.
  • Change your furnace filters. If they are the small 1inch one, monthly is best. If they are the 4 inches and bigger, change when the filter is at least 2/3 dirty.
  • Check pilot lights on gas fireplaces.
  • Check the dampers on fireplaces.
  • Maintain the area around your furnace intake and exhaust. If these get full of ice of an animal makes a nest, at best your furnace efficiency will go down. Worse case is carbon dioxide poisoning and die.

For more information on other ways to prepare your home for winter visits the sites below:

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Happy Buying!