Monday, July 1, 2019

What NOT to do when you are waiting for your closing.

MID-LAND REALTORS is striving to be your primary source for REAL ESTATE information in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. However, a lot of what will be posted here will apply throughout the United States.

We are also aware that what you need will be different depending on where you are in the process – buying, selling, renting, up-sizing, downsizing, landlord or property management. With that being said, we want to talk about what not to do when waiting.

So, CONGRATULATIONS you found the perfect house, got an accepted offer, past the home inspection with flying colors. Now you are waiting for those three magically words from the lender, CLEAR TO CLOSE! That is music to you and your REALTOR’S ears. However, until you hear that things can happen. Something happens and the lender gets slowed down or ill and can not finish in 45 days. Some sort of blemish or cloud (why they don’t say error, I don’t know) is found in the title. 

There is plenty for you do to during this time.
  • Pack
  • Plan the layout of your furniture in the new house
  • Pick out color swatches at the paint store
  • Get your home insurance

There is also plenty for you to NOT do
  • Do NOT do anything that can add an inquiry on your credit report
  • Do NOT sell a vehicle
  • Do NOT buy a vehicle
  • Do NOT buy appliances
  • Do NOT have a big deposit made into your account that cannot be accounted for.
  • Do NOT buy recreational vehicles including boats, jet skis, and snowmobiles.

All of these can change your credit score and your debt to income ratio. And yes, even adding money to your account. 

We here at MID-LAND REALTORS would love the opportunity to help you sell your house and find you your next home. Let us show you some great homes.

Happy Buying