Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Leaving Your Home Vacant

MID-LAND REALTORS is striving to be your primary source for REAL ESTATE information in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. However, a lot of what will be posted here will apply throughout the United States.

We are also aware that what you need will be different depending on where you are in the process – buying, selling, renting, up-sizing, downsizing, landlord or property management. With that being said, we want to talk about leaving your home vacant.

What should I consider when moving from my current home before it sells?  Nine tips to help your home remain marketable...
  1. Leave behind the following supplies so your Realtor or caregiver can keep it clean: broom/dustpan, snow shovel, rug or tray for shoes by entrance, toilet paper, paper towel, window cleaner and all-purpose cleaner.  As your Realtor, I’m not planning to shovel your driveway or clean your windows but I’d like to do what I can to help during open houses, etc.—often the walkway needs a quick shovel or something needs attention inside.
  2. Consider shutting the water off and having a professional winterize the pipes if winter is approaching. Keep in mind this will likely need to be reversed for buyer’s home inspection. 
  3. Set heat in the winter to 55-58 degrees, warm enough so there will not a problem should the electric go out.
  4. If you are not going to leave the fridge running, make sure you leave the door open to avoid funky odors.   A couple of hook-like refrigerator magnets will keep the doors from closing.  
  5. Leave your garage door openers, extra keys, manuals and other items staying with the house in a large envelope in a kitchen drawer or a safe place. 
  6. Consider a lamp on a timer for safety or if a room does not have an overhead light.  Your home may be shown in the evening, so make it inviting.
  7. A dehumidifier should be left on in the basement and should be attached to a hose for draining.
  8. Remember to arrange for outside care of your home.  Keeping walkways clear is helpful to avoid injuries and make showings pleasant to potential buyers.  
  9. Ideally you should have someone who can occasionally monitor your house in addition to your Realtor.  

We here at MID-LAND REALTORS would love the opportunity to help you sell your house and find you your next home. Let us show you some great homes.

Happy Buying

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